Diversity and Inclusion

WEPAN Core Purpose

To propel higher education to increase the number and advance the prominence of diverse communities of women in engineering.

Diversity Vision  

WEPAN is a catalyst for change. In pursuit of its goal of 50/50 by 2050, WEPAN fosters an inclusive culture that supports the recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse communities of women engineers.

Diversity Builds Excellence - WEPAN Strategic Goal

Inclusion of women in engineering increasingly will be recognized as improving the quality of engineering itself, and as a result, there will be broader access, success and equity for diverse communities of women.

Diversity Statement

WEPAN strives to model a culture and an inclusive community that consciously embraces and celebrates rich dimensions of diverse communities of women, allies, and stakeholders. WEPAN advances best practices for increasing inclusive excellence through an education- and industry-based network of members.

WEPAN demonstrates these values by creating a welcoming environment characterized by:

  • Practicing mutual respect for those unique experiences and qualities that are different from our own
  • Recognizing that diversity includes ways of knowing as well as ways of behaving
  • Acknowledging that bias is a conscious and unconscious practice that manifests itself in the everyday discourse and actions of individuals and institutions
  • Building alliances across the range of individual and group differences, including the engagement of male allies
  • Sharing best practices to ensure the equity and the success of all women engineers
  • Working collaboratively with other advocacy groups